Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Jeeto Online App Audit

There is an app on playstore by the name of "Jeeto Online".

They claim to store personal (name, phone, email, FB, physical address, IMEI ) and non-personal data under encryption .

Out of curiosity I audited the App's network transactions and could collect user's personal data simply by playing a Man in the middle.

Sample for proof : (Personal information masked for privacy reasons)
Female data points used to show the sensitivity of the leak.

Also, to prove my point I made a Solutions app for their Quiz :D using same attack.

For the curious here is my app.

So, stay vigilant when you are online. Not everything is what they say it is. Not just Pakistan, its everywhere.

Spread the message :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Compiling libjingle for Ubuntu - wihtout the pain

Compiling libjingle for Ubuntu

I have spent a good few hours at trying to compile libjingle constantly failing because of one reason or the other. The README on the git doesn't help much except for laying down the foundation of what you have to do. Its more like
" there is a dark forest, and you got to go through it without a night light . After walking a few hundred meters you will encounter something  and after than you will encounter more of those and similar to reach the jingling goodness "

Anyways, I have written down the steps I used to compile libjingle. You can download libjingle from "" or from the official link.

Steps are as follows 

Building LibJingle for Linux

How to Build
Libjingle is built with swtoolkit (, which is a set of extensions to the open-source SCons build tool (

First, install Python 2.4 or later from Please note that since swtoolkit only works with Python 2.x, you will not be able to use Python 3.x.

Second, install the stand alone scons-local package 2.0.0 or later from and set an environment variable, SCONS_DIR, to point to the directory containing SCons, for example, /src/libjingle/scons-local/


in swtoolkit/site_scons/ , make sure the following lines (450 and 330) resemble these.

Line 330:
    str(SCons.Node.FS.get_default_fs().SConstruct_dir), site_dir)

Line 450:
    str(SCons.Node.FS.get_default_fs().SConstruct_dir), None)

Third, install swtoolkit from

Finally, Libjingle depends on two open-source projects, expat and srtp. Download expat from to talk/third_party/expat-2.0.1/. Follow the instructions at to download latest srtp to talk/third_party/srtp. Note that srtp-1.4.4 does not work since it misses the extensions used by Libjingle. If you put expat or srtp in a different directory, you need to edit talk/libjingle.scons correspondingly.
2.1 Build Libjingle under Linux or OS X

First, make sure the SCONS_DIR environment variable is set correctly.
Second, run talk/third_party/expat-2.0.1/configure and talk/third_party/srtp/configure.
Third, go to the talk/ directory and run $path_to_swtoolkit/ Run $path_to_swtoolkit/ --help for information on how to build for different modes.
Other than above given steps, See following as reference

Install libasound2-dev Lib to compile libJingle, otherwise you will encounter errors.
sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev

Patching srtp:
comment both of the specified lines in the specified file.
third_party/srtp/srtp/ekt.c line 169  and line 181

Possible components in LibJingle Directory

libjingle-0.5.2/talk/third_party$ ls
expat-2.0.1  libudev  scons-local  srtp  swtoolkit

Edit the the file
find all instances of "type_must_be_complete" and comment this statement

Execute following command to build LibJingle

$PATH_TO_SWTOOLKIT/ --mode=dbg expat jingle srtp all_test_programs stunserver relayserver

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

LG SU640 Phone Drivers Download

You can download LG SU640 drivers from the download link given below.

Download LG SU640 Drivers

Official User Guide for SU640 can be downloaded from the link below.

Download LG SU640 User Guide

Thursday, August 8, 2013

A perfect cocktail of android apps on cyanogenmod roms

I am one of those people who like to customize their phones a little too much. I happen to have an LG SU640 (Optimus LTE)  . A mighty good phone but somehow it didn't get the due attention at the time of release.

Anyways, so I have never kept stock on my phone for more than 4 days in a row. The only time I am on stock is actually when I have to recover my phone from a dead state. Personally I prefer cyanogenmod roms, specifically paranoid android by utacka. But I have found CM Roms to be lacking the spice of the appearance.  So I have come up with a perfect mix of apps to overcome that. And here they are.

GoSms. People at Go Dev have produced really awesome apps.

A.I type keyboard + windows 8 theme (available by default) + emoji plugin

Lock screen .
Go locker

Home screen ( launcher)
Nova (preferred)
LG home 3 (preferred)
Go launcher

Color notes


Grocery list / shopping.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

LG Optimus G Pro Wallpapers free download

LG Optimus G is a behemoth of a phone as far as specs are concerned.

Full Specs and Full Review at

And an in depth comparison of two processing beasts , Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Optimus G Pro, Read here

Although I don't own an Optimus G but I do have its amazing , crisp wallpapers which can be downloaded from the link below.

It also includes the famous and most demanded of em all, the black and white falling pebbles.

Preview : 


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Root and Recovery LG LU6200 ICS [Confirmed]

I have had a few queries regarding Rooting and installing Recovery on LU6200 running Stock ICS.

So here is how you can root your LU6200 and install CWM touch in less than 10 minutes.

Disclaimer: I did not write the scripts nor recovery, I found these methods on internet in other languages and I have put them here for easy access for others.

Files you need. for rooting
Flash recovery6.0.1.2.rar for ClockworkMod Recovery installation



  1. Download the above files and save them to a folder e-g "c:\Lu6200_root"
  2. Unzip
  3. In the unzipped folder run "LG-Optimus_LTE_rooting_ICS-JB.bat" file and follow instructions

If you follow the instructions exactly as it says to follow, you will have your LU6200 Rooted when you reboot.

Installing ClockworkMod recovery

  1. Unrar Flash recovery6.0.1.2.rar 
  2. In the extracted folder, execute "Recovery.bat" 
  3. Follow instructions ...

and voila!! you have recovery.

That is all.

Monday, July 22, 2013

LG SU640 (Optimus LTE) Modified Stock ROM V30D - Stable

I have been experimenting with different Roms for my LG SU640. I've been to CM9 , 10, 10.1 . Tried PAC Rom , paranoid ... you name it, I have tried it. But every Rom that I have tested lacks few things in particular.

(Ability to pass a day without FC , without Reboot without hiccups)

Battery Life 
( If it passes 1.5 days with my usage*, I am more than happy)

Peace of mind 
(Not worrying about missing a call because the cell froze when it received the notification)

While other Roms are not at all useless... I particularly love ParanoidAndroid, PAC Rom is an excellent mixture of AOKP,CM and Paranoid but with all custom Roms I have had instances where I had to suffer due to either FC or a random reboot.

So, I figured maybe I should give Stocks a try, Stock official release is always slow and mostly bloated till the throat but MOST stable. And then there are Modified Stocks (technically not stock anymore :P) with stability of Stocks and optimized for performance . They contain all the useful stock apps and none of the useless bloat. The best one I've found is ...wait for it...

Sphinx v3 Supercharge 

It has

  • English language
  • Cool homescreen / icon themes , 
  • An excellent lockscreen with multiple themes same as found on LG Optimus G with awesome Drop effect (something to drool upon) 
  • Pretty neat weather app
  • One handed operation capable keyboard (you will love this feature)
  • Excellent stock dialer and contacts app.
  • Very capable Messaging app (SMS length not limited to 120 characters)
  • Notes with widgets
  • LG Q-Slide feature apps (Calendar , Calculator , Note , Browser, Video player) (True multi-tasking)
  • and much much more...

In short, I did not have to go through the hassle of installing basic software because the stock stuff is so awesomely usable.

You can get this amazing modified stock ROM sphinx v3 supercharge v6 on the links below

Original Post : here (Vietnamese)

Direct DownloadSphinx V3 Supercharge

Flashing Procedure :

Strictly follow the given procedure for best results.
  • 4 wipes (Factory defaults , Wipe cache, Wipe dalvic cache , format system)
  • Install from Zip (may take longer than other Roms)
  • Once flashed, reboot and wait ...
  • wait... wait...
  • Once you are booted into the Rom, Choose language , DO NOT sign in with Google account just yet. Skip the Google account login and let it reach the homescreen.
  • Go to applications and start Super SU, it will ask you to update SU binary, select yes and select the procedure other than through Recovery. Reboot when done.
  • After reboot, enjoy your Rom.
  • Let the system settle for about 24 hours before you give your verdict on its performance
Your Rom flash should take around 5 minutes. And it should take the longest on "Copying system files" message. If your flash time is less than 5 minutes, you'll most likely end up in a bootloop.

If you had 5 minutes flash and still experience bootloop then the possibility is that you ubricked using gingerbread v10i KDZ. To fix that follow the below procedure contributed by one of our users.

1. Flash v30C_00.kdz2. Root & install CWM3. Boot into recovery and do 4 wipes4. Flash this or other rom of your choice and enjoy your phone 

Some screens copied from the original forum (thats why some of them contains Vietnamese text)