Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Root and Recovery LG LU6200 ICS [Confirmed]

I have had a few queries regarding Rooting and installing Recovery on LU6200 running Stock ICS.

So here is how you can root your LU6200 and install CWM touch in less than 10 minutes.

Disclaimer: I did not write the scripts nor recovery, I found these methods on internet in other languages and I have put them here for easy access for others.

Files you need.
Root_en.zip for rooting
Flash recovery6.0.1.2.rar for ClockworkMod Recovery installation



  1. Download the above files and save them to a folder e-g "c:\Lu6200_root"
  2. Unzip Root_en.zip
  3. In the unzipped folder run "LG-Optimus_LTE_rooting_ICS-JB.bat" file and follow instructions

If you follow the instructions exactly as it says to follow, you will have your LU6200 Rooted when you reboot.

Installing ClockworkMod recovery

  1. Unrar Flash recovery6.0.1.2.rar 
  2. In the extracted folder, execute "Recovery.bat" 
  3. Follow instructions ...

and voila!! you have recovery.

That is all.


  1. Replies
    1. everything I post has been tried n tested by me.

  2. Can this also be used to root stock Jellybean 4.1.2?

    1. Thanks, it worked like a charm! I find the stock JB ROM laggy and CPU usage is always around 50%. Not sure if that is normal.

  3. try Modified stock I posted here http://adf.ly/UMzdW

    1. I'm actually using Sphinx V4 now, performance is improved a bit but CPU usage according to CPU-Z is still hovering around 50%

  4. The second link is not found sir :( by the thanks for this tread ...

  5. Thanks a lot bro.. really helpful and worked perfectly on LG LU6200

  6. Seems their is a issue also checkout this article to root and install custom perfectly now

  7. I tried last 6 hours and failed to root/install recovery, but ... your method is just awesome ! Thank you so much.

  8. Thanx Alottt........ I've tried so many methods but the only works for me was yours........

  9. it works for me.. thank you so much..=)

  10. it says adb not recorgnized... lg lu6200 stock rom 4.1.2

  11. Hello and salam.i am.a new user of androied phone.i am.using LG optimus LU 6200(Korean) .
    It has 2 issues.
    1) 3G 4G dose not work..i tried a method by serching network manually but it only works for few minutes.
    2) my phone is stuck in headfone mode.i used it with my audio amplifier.i showed to few technician they sed they dont have a solutions of it..
    If any one can help me with above mentioned problams...???