Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reset your Ubuntu password in 3 easy steps

Have you forgotten your Ubuntu password ?
Don't worry you are not alone.

Here is how you can easily reset your Ubuntu password.

Step 1 : Booting into recovery mode

As soon as you see GRUB loading screen with "Press ESC to enter menu". Make sure to press "ESC key".

You will be presented with options to boot into "ubuntu xx.xx kernel xx.xx generic" and " "ubuntu xx.xx kernel xx.xx generic (recovery mode)" . Choose the recovery mode.

Step 2:  Entering Shell

You will be shown "Recovery menu" with multiple options including "root   Drop to shell prompt". Select this option to enter the shell.with root access.

Step 3 : Resetting the password

Now that you are on root shell, use the following commands to reset your password.

passwd [user_name]
for example,
passwd wiredsoup 

 Follow the instructions, and use the following commands once you are done confirming your new password.

reboot -f

That's it :) enjoy logging into you Ubuntu again.

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